Saturday, December 29, 2012

Recording Photos


Joel recording Nate vocals

Various Pale Prophet Photos

Various photos of DIY demos
Had to do two screens because org text didn't come out - used upper text for demo cover font
Worst screenprinting setup ever
final product - DEMO 2012

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Beer Tote


Pale Prophet Beer Tote

I went on Uncommon Goods looking for ideas that weren't totally lame for my friends for Xmas. I immediately was drawn to these handmade, wooden 6-beer totes. After a little research, I found a dude that had made his own and posted the plans. Huge thanks to this dude!

I contacted my grandpa, a fine woodworker who is always down to partner up with me for my ambitious projects. He's extremely reliable and thinks things through like a champion. I am deeply grateful for the time he has spent with me and his bottomless well of advice on woodworking, marriage, and life in general. In short, he is a very special person to me and I hope he knows it.

The tutorial I found was a little lacking and that might have been on purpose. I'd like to use this space to provide instructions on how to make your own, but most people don't have access to a full woodworking shop. If you have any questions, please comment here and I promise I'll try to answer it.

Materials for 6 totes:

[1] sheet 1/4" plywood (I used a birch 2x4 sanded panel)
[3] 8' boards of 1x6 pine (or whatever wood you prefer)
[6] 1/2" hardwood dowels


Too many to list. See pictures.

use block to avoid cutting fingers off

side and bottom pieces cut

drill press for hole

cutting angles on side pieces


router with clamped blocks - interior pieces

top view with clamps

twist in 1/2" dowels with glue on the ends

halfway there

glue and brad nail bottom to side pieces

titebond II

twist in

used brace for countersinking screw holes

the most tedious part

use interior pieces to place side slats

glue and brad nail

shot for weight on the interior pieces

all 6


with bottle openers

add your favorite beer

Friday, June 11, 2010

Capsule Show

There are only two shirts. I'm gonna give em away at the show. 35 11 X 17 prints on watercolor paper. Art by Jeremy Hughes.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Recent Flyers

This is in about a month. Pretttyy stoked.

This was last night. Good times, good dudes. Thank you Ashley Bess Brown for the artwork.

More good times...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

February 26, 2009

Mixed feelings about this show. Harvey Milk and Powers are playing the same night. Sweet flyer, though...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

March 1st Show Flyer (Theft of James Jean)

Stoked to play with The Sunglasses from Atlanta and Bambara (from here), both for the first time. Hope the two people that look at this enjoy.

World Threat and Hilarious Fatigue are the first bands Matt and I were in, respectively. Being a part of a band called "Hilarious Fatigue" is something I will never live down, although that band wasn't bad. World Threat, for the record, is pretty bad too.

Just bought Bambara's first record today. Looking forward to hearing their new ep.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Black on natural:

Navy blue on light blue:

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Living Season Tour EP (2009)

Track Listing:

1. Living Season
2. Dear Clyde
3. En La Vida Hay Golpes Tan Fuertes or "In Life, There Are Blows So Strong"
4. Abulia I & II


This is the tour version of a release that will be coming out soon. There are a few tracks that don't appear on this EP. I'll post the lyrics up here soon as well...

To see how the cases were made, go here.

Tour Poster

Monday, November 24, 2008

This thing desperately needs an update...

It's been almost three months since the last update, which sucks, but here we go.

So we're all really excited about recording 5-6 songs on Dec. 7th here in Athens and hopefully putting that out early 2009. We've got a couple shows in December, including a show at Holman House, and then a 6 day northeastern tour booked. It's been shaky lately but we're making it through with a temporary bassist.

Some art:

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Aug. 27th Flyer

Haven't played at this local DIY venue...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Tour Journal

Wednesday August 6, 2008

Venue: Reservoir Bar
Bands: Pink Flag, Blood Red River

There is a picture on this blog of a guy driving a truck with a sticker that I can't believe exists. Scroll down.

Driving into Carrboro from the northwest, we noticed that there was NOTHING. Just fields and trailer parks. The drive took about 6 hours + some fucking around. Bill from Amish Jihad/The Scaries/Colussus was doing trivia night at Reservoir bar, which featured some super nice artwork (large-scale wall murals) by a guy with a blog named Snakehawk . Anyway, Pink Flag played first and even though their instruments were quiet, we enjoyed it. The best song was "Roman Candle". I remember unloading the van, thinking there was no way this random assortment of bar crowd people was going to dig our set. They told us to turn down after the sound check. We had a lot of fun playing, despite the fact that everyone sat down for our set. They clapped and took pictures, but no one bought any merch. We sold one demo to a girl from Pink Flag and she was probably just being nice.

We were all worried after seeing that the show was free. We were, however, given $40 and combined with the demo purchase made $43. I think we spent about $60-65 driving there. The van also cost a fortune to rent. Whatever. Now, Matt's driving us to Asheville, and I'm hoping that this one is a little better.

Not bad for our second show out of town. We finally got paid to play.

Asheville, NC
August 7, 2008

Venue: Static Age Records
Bands: Black September, Kakistocracy

It took us about 4 hours to get to Hendersonville from Durham, but we weren't in a hurry. Matt drove most of the way and Carrie and me listened to Jake and Matt make too many fart jokes. Once we got off I-40, I took the wheel. The road was super windy and the air was crisp. We stopped in Bat Cave, NC to get some boiled peanuts. A woman with a hat that read “I’m a rebel” talked to Jake about the craze over pickled watermelon rinds because they have an effect on the body similar to Viagra, albeit natural. "Don't even need Viagra no more."

We unloaded our shit and then I went and had dinner with Ma and Ted at a fancy Japanese place that sucked. They asked us to start playing around 8:15. There were a bunch of crust kids assembled to watch us, and I doubt they knew what was coming (i.e. un-crust). It was awesome that Richard Goldberg showed up and enjoyed it. And my mom.

Kind of a weird show.

We recharged at my ma’s place. Enjoyed some Yuenglings which still aren’t sold in Georgia.

Myrtle Beach
Aug. 8, 2008

Venue: Hangovers Bar
Bands: Attalaya, Right Wing Conspiracy

We stopped by Marty's house and went to the beach prior to the show. It was so relaxing. Marty cooked us spaghetti with salad.

We realized that the venue was very close to the strip where tourists crowd the streets. Although I was calm, the rest were fearful because of the way the place looked. Attalaya was already playing some indie/power-rock when we arrived.

We moved a pool table, which was situated right in front of the playing area. The sound was pretty decent, and we had chugged a few beers, so were feeling good. I fell down during "pessimism". Some old redneck dude was super into us. We sold more merch than we ever had and made $78 at the door. Talked to some kids from At Half-Mast after the show and hopefully we can set something up with them later on. Exchanged some funny tour stories.

My favorite part of this show was the fact that Kevin showed up. He ended up being the only person I knew there, which is pretty sad.

I dropped Matt and Jake off at a party, where they preceded to get trashed. They also met a guy named Gavin who could take his eyeball out of its socket.

We were all in good spirits when pulling away from the last house. The whole experience was much better than the days prior. The next show would be in Cocoa, FL, about 8 hours away. A long trip down highway 17 and I-95 awaited us.

Cocoa, FL
August 9, 2008

Venue: The Loft @ The Ultra Lounge
Bands: Trash City Rockers, Cassettes On Fire

It took FOREVER to get to Cocoa. We entered the ghetto as soon as we got off the interstate. I felt as though I were at the end of the world, but Florida actually keeps going for another 200 miles + Key West. The venue was situated in a nice shopping district that seemed abandoned this time of night.

There was a beatboxer and solo artist performing downstairs. Trash City Rockers started upstairs. We were all frustrated because a rumor had spread that this show got cancelled. So there were probably 8 kids there + the bands.

We started drinking Yuenglings in the van. Cassettes were fucking great. They reminded me a lot of seeing Majority Rule. They were also super nice kids.

We played our fifth straight show very well. My thumb was killing me and my hand was bleeding again.

We made $76 plus another $50 or so in merch. Jake wore a head wrap I got him at a gas station that said "Feel the Wind." A biker dude who bought $20 worth of merch donned similar headwear.

Much to our dismay, we began our trek home, realizing that it was already getting close to 3 am and we had to be back in Athens by 4 pm the next day. I drove for about 2 hours and started dozing, so Jake took the wheel for the rest of the way. Like always, we passed the time by making fun of each other.

After over 2,200 miles of driving, we pulled up to the Holman House and unloaded.

Zack's Tour Photos (Best of)

These are taken on a 2005 Nikon D-50 DSLR:

Yes, that says "KKK" and it's a confederate one

Man with a mattress suit, teddy bear aka Greatest Moment of Tour

The Set-Up

Carrie's Tour Photos

These are taken on a 1980 Canon AE-1:

Somewhere in South Carolina

The Loft @ Ultra Lounge in Coca, FL

Matt trying to clear the van

Bad News

Jet, Tour Mascot